The SULTECH tensioning weights produced from polymer composite are intended for application as counter weights in cranes, lifts, appliances and tensioning devices for railroad overhead contact lines.

They substitute more expensive, heavier and less durable cast iron weights.


Greater durability and lifetime of these products exceeds Portland concretes by a few times

No costs related to servicing and installation

Sultech concrete products do not corrode and are not subject to the adverse effects of weather conditions
our concrete does not become overgrown with algae
there is no need to paint them or to protect them with paints or varnishes
100% recyclable, each product can be remade again without any loss

Ecological features of the solution

the technology does not require the use of water
low energy consumption of the process results in the reduction of CO² emission

Technical data

Sultech®Physical properties

Concrete compressive strengthMin 45 MPa
Frost resistanceMin F 150
Weight absorptionMax 0.5%
Concrete density2.2 - 4.0 kg/dm³
ResistanceTotal for aggressive substances

ParameterRailroad tensioning weight Type 1Railroad tensioning weight Type 2Lift counterweight Furnace gate counterweight
Mass27 kg27kg10 kg16.5 kg
DimensionsD 306 mmD 400 mm160 x 85 mm450 x 50 mm
HeightH 100 mmH 57 mm200 mm192 mm


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