Wind power generator

• Technology for dangerous waste recycling

Railway overhead contact lines

• Weight tensioning contact lines

MMA Manufacturing Plant

• Manufacturer of mineral-asphalt mixes
• Sulstar®DA – a MMA modifier

Waste incineration plant

• Manufacturer of wastes in the form of slags, ashes and dusts
• Sultech® – the technology of converting waste into useful products

Road construction

• MMA modified Sulstarem®DA
• Road subgrade made from Sulconcrete®
• Prefabricated Sulbet® products


• Sulphur from crude oil or natural gas desulfurization
• Utilized in the Sulstar® technology to produce sulphur polymer


• Manufacturer of waste sulphur and road asphalts
• Sulstar® – the technology of sulphur modification into sulphur polymer
• Sulstar® DA – road asphalt modifier

Marbetwil Manufacturing Plant

• Provider of technological solutions and sulphur based products

Harbour and sea shore strengthening

• Sulbet® and Sulconcrete® – sulphur concretes resistant to sea water



  1. Copper mines and copper processing plants, we offer licenses and know-how for effectively solving the problem of post-flotation waste through economic use in housing, road, rail and sea housing,
  2. Companies from the petrochemical industry, we offer licenses and know-how to effectively solve the problem of solid waste sulfur from oil and gas purification processes by converting into a polymeric binder used in road, rail and sea construction,
  3. Producers of asphalt mixtures, we offer licenses and know-how technology replacing expensive road bitumens while improving the road surface,
  4. Owners and producers of hazardous waste containing heavy metals, we offer licenses and know-how for effective stabilization and solidification in safe and useful building materials,
  5. Asbestos waste holders (eternit), we offer licenses and know-how to effectively solve their problem by effectively binding asbestos fibers with sulfur polymer and solidifying them to safe and useful building materials,

Companies in the petrochemical industry, we offer licenses and know-how for innovative solutions to the problems of rapid melting of solid waste sulfur from oil and gas purification processes.


It enables the start-up of a new Industry of production of sulphur-concretes, sulphur-asphalts and waste stabilisation.

The Sulstar® technology of converting sulphur into a modern sulphur binder, protected with international patents, is a particularly proposition for the petrochemical sector. It solves the problem of waste sulphur originating from crude oil or natural gas desulphurisation installation by using it as a raw material for the production of ecological construction materials.

Fields of the Sulstar® binder applications:

  • the manufacturing of sulphur-concreteswhich are many times more resistant to the effects of sea water, effluent and acids,
  • the manufacturing of less expensive road asphaltsfeaturing higher resistance to rut formation and better traction,
  • the possibility of creating a sulphur binding coat in order to improve cement concrete resistance to aggressive environments
  • the utilization of industrial wastes for the production of safe and useful products and freeing up the areas reserved for waste storage,

Sulphur-concretes, manufactured in a hot process using sulphur polymer and fillers, feature high parameters of mechanical strength and corrosion resistance in aggressive environments (sea water, acids, oils, effluent). Mineral aggregates can be used as fillers, as can industrial wastes or desert saline sands which are typically useless in traditional technologies. Sulphur concretes are tight and feature very low water absorption. Their manufacturing is executed without using water. Strength and usability parameters are obtained after just a few hours. Due to their properties they can be applied in hydro technical construction, railroads, the power industry, general and special constructing and in the stabilisation of hazardous wastes.

Our offer comprises:

  • licenses and know-how for use of the most effective manufacturing methods of sulphur binder, sulphur-asphalt and sulphur-concrete,
  • counselling and cooperation in the scope of technology and product development
  • a constant supply of the SULSTAR® sulphur polymer
  • a constant supply of the SULSTAR®DA mineral-asphalt mix modifier
  • supplies of sulphur-concrete products from our product portfolio and according to our customers’ specifications

About the company

The MARBET® WIL Sp. z o.o. company was founded in 2001. The company was created by the people who were and still are successfully running, for over thirty years, the well-known in the Polish and international market MARBET Sp. z o.o. company with its registered office in Bielsko Biała, whereas the manufacturing plant is in Gliwice.

MARBET® WIL Sp. z o.o. is the only company in the world that has the technology which enables the transformation of solid or liquid sulphur into SULSTAR sulphur binder. This has many more applications than traditional Portland cement.

SULSTAR can be a binder in sulphur-concretes, an additive substituting a part of the blacktop in asphalts and a substance forming protective coating on concrete surfaces. The technology is protected by domestic and global patents i.a.: Russian, American and Chinese.

Direct contact

Karolina Sobańska

Phone: 32 338 19 40
e-mail: info@marbetwil.pl