Chemical-resistant sulphur polymer coatings technology Sulstar®

We offer a system of protective coatingsMarwil®. Through surface and deep injections this system system seals and strengthens concrete structures by forming anti-corrosion, antifungal and algae static barrier and provides it with additional properties, such as a smooth and hydrophobic surface resistant to the effects of weather, chemicals, gasoline, etc.

A mobile device Sulspray® enables application of coats on ready elements such as: plates, roadway edge elements, curbs, tubes, bridge objects, etc.

Intended use

Laboratory testing conducted by the Central Mining Institute indicates that the protective coating MARWIL® protects construction materials effectively, including asbestos, against weather erosion.
The sealing of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions resistant to aggressive environment such as: sea water, effluent and chemicals (e.g. tanks of chemicals,
drinking water tanks, concrete flooring)
The sealing of internal surfaces of prefabricated elements of a sewer system to obtain chemical resistance and smooth surface (e.g. pipes, sewer wells and septic tanks). Improved hydraulic properties of pipes are obtained, resulting in the decrease of flow resistance.
In the farming/breeding sector the coating can be used as an anti-septic barrier in the form of plasterboard with the MARWIL® protective coating or in the form of being sprayed directly over the usable wall surfaces. The coating protects against the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi, etc.
The sealing of reinforced constructions against the effects of CO² (e.g. bridges, culverts and other construction structures)
The protection of asbestos panels on building elevations against the release of asbestos micro fibres.
The protection of reinforced concrete piles against the effects of sea water

Technical data

Marwil®coating properties

PropertiesUnitRequirementsTest methods acc. to
Coating thicknessμm200 - 500acc. to manufacturer’s technical sheets
Adhesion of coating to concrete *MPa> 1.2PN-EN 1542:2000
Diffusive resistance to a water steam *m< 1.4PN-EN ISO 7783:2001
Diffusive resistance to carbon dioxide *m> 50Testing procedure ITB Nr LO-6
Water permeability factor *kg/(m²h0.5)< 0.1PN-EN 1062-3
Resistance to the effects of 150 cycles of freezing and defrosting NaCl *-coating with no changeTesting procedure IBDIM Nr SO-3 Visual assessment
Adhesion of coating to concrete after the frost resistance test as above *MPa> 1.0Testing procedure IBDIM Nr SO-3 PN-EN 1542:2000

* For coatings with thickness of 0.3mm


Aleksander Zwolski


  • We offer licenses and know-how for the application of the Marwil® technology
  • We ensure a constant supply of the SULSTAR® sulphur polymer
  • Sales of the equipment for making the SULSPRAY® protective coats
  • • There is the possibility of manufacturing of particular products at our Manufacturing Plant in Gliwice, also using a customer’s brand