Sulstar® DA

Innovations in road construction

We offer road asphalt manufacturers and mineral-asphalt mixing plants, Sulstar® DA – an additive to mineral-asphalt mixes lowering MMA manufacturing costs while simultaneously increasing their usability parameters. Sulstar® DA is an innovative thermoplastic MMA modifier, based on sulphur polymer Sulstar® with the addition of an anti-inhalation mineral medium. The manufacturing cost of Sulstar® DA is over 50% lower than the asphalt price, therefore by substituting 40% of the asphalt with Sulstarem® DA substantial savings are obtained and the road has increased usability parameters.


Lowering of costs of the bituminous binder and road construction costs

Greater durability obtained by

  • a layer with resistance to curling
  • the elimination of occurrence of ice lenses
  • the increase of resistance to rut formation
The Sulstar® DA technology can be successfully applied using standard road construction equipment, it is only necessary to adapt the way of monitoring the polymer dosing on WMB
The Sulstar® technology enables the utilization of wastes for the production of road subgrade layers saving full value aggregates

Technical data

Reference MMA usability properties with and without the use of Sulstar® DA

FeatureRequired AC11SResults of MMA testsResults of MMA test modified Sulstar® DA
Content of hollow spaces (%)2-42,4082,422
Indirect tensile strength indicator ITSR (%)≥ 909294
Resistance to permanent deformations, average rut diagram inclination WTSAIR (mm / 103 cycles) max.0,150,130,02
Average rut depth proportion PRDAIR(%) max.9,07,25,5


Patent nr. 226608
The method of obtaining the mix of sulphur polymer with copper ore post flotation waste.


Aleksander Zwolski